Nikolaou Family has a long and interesting history going back to the Megara Olive Groves in 1833 when the family started picking olives for professional use, in 1875 they received their first license as an olive mill.

Modern history

Since then it has been almost two centuries (185 years) and Nikolaou Family is now run by the 6th generation of Nikolaou family members. Traditional milling techniques have given way to modern milling technology always maintaining methods that respect the product, the environment and the final consumer. Nikolaou Family’s competitive advantage is that they control every stage of production, therefore having the ability to guarantee the quality of their product. Nikolaou Family has managed to combine tradition with modernisation and expand their activity abroad with Nikolaou Family products now being sold in countries worldwide. Nikolaou Family’s primary goal is the production of high quality products with respect to both the products and the environment, besides, the long term survival and continued expansion of Nikolaou Family stands as proof that we have built and continue to build relationships based on honesty and trust with our clients.
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